I'm currently hard at work, developing a Software Synthesizer, which will make use of a new type of synthesis.
It will be available as a plugin in VST and all major formats.
If you're interested, join the mailing list and I'll email you when it's getting close to release!

We're hiring

Can you Code? We're Hiring

Ultra is a Music Software startup based in Wellington, New Zealand. We are hiring a Software Developer to work on UltraWave, our Software Synthesizer.

About the job

You'll be working alongside the founder Nigel Stanford and a team of 4 others, completing the UltraWave product and bringing it to market. This is an opportunity for the right person to get in at the ground level and make an impact. You'll find no bureaucracy or red tape at Ultra - just committed engineers with a job to do.

The Synthesizer is written in C++ using the JUCE framework - knowledge of both is ideal, however we suspect a candidate with the appropriate experience and expertise in other languages would enjoy the process of coming to grips with something new.

This position requires proven engineering experience, and the ability to solve complex problems. You'll be supported by smart people, but you'll need to rely on your own skills to get the job done. You’ll be responsible for the quality and testing of your own code.

We're a small team (currently three C++ developers and two web developers) and we have a lot of work to do. You can expect to challenge our thinking, teach us, introduce us to new ways of working, and expect the same in return. This project has some truly unique and interesting challenges. We are excited for the opportunity to add to our growing team.

About you

We are looking for someone who’s an expert in the use of a low level, statically-typed programming language. Ideally this would be C++, but we would consider a candidate with similar experience in C, C#, Swift, Objective-C or Java. You’ll be very familiar with concepts and patterns in object-oriented software languages and have experience with multi-threaded, high performance, application development. Knowledge of SQL would be a bonus.

UltraWave is a Music product, and although you don’t need to be a proficient Musician, you’ll have some knowledge of basic music theory, and will be familiar with MIDI. You’ll know what a VST instrument and a Digital Audio Workstation are, and ideally have a keen interest in the tools used to make electronic music. You’ll know the difference between a Delay and a Reverb.

Although our focus is currently on synthesis, we are always looking at ideas for creating new effects to incorporate into our products. As such, an understanding of Digital Signal Processing, Electrical Engineering, Physics or Mathematics would be a bonus.

We're looking for a candidate that's comfortable working in an informal, small team environment and who values being challenged, and building cool shit above everything else. We have a funky office, a nice coffee machine and you can wear whatever you like to work - but that's not the reason you want this job. We're looking for a curious person who loves to solve complex problems. You won't know how all the code works on day one, but your solid foundation in software development and sharp intellect means you'll pick things up quickly and we won't need to explain everything twice.

You'll be working with committed engineers. We work hard and we work fast - so you'll be the same. We love making the impossible happen, and a good week is one where visible progress is made. That being said, you'll also be working with people who value family time and we encourage creative pursuits outside the office. A "good day's work" is all we're looking for. You'll be happy working from our office in Newtown and enjoy real-time collaboration. We value people who work hard, commit fully and will stick it out for the long-term. If you thrive on responsibility and the freedom to make an impact - this role is perfect for you.

Pay and benefits

We’ll match pay to experience and expertise. Despite being a start-up, you’ll enjoy a regular 40 hour week, 4 weeks annual leave and all the usual benefits of being part of a well established business. Our office is conveniently located close to the central city, in Newtown.

How to apply

Please send us an email at ultra@nigelstanford.com and let us know why you’re perfect for this position. We’re not looking for generic cover letters. There’s no right or wrong way to apply for this job - just be yourself and tell us why you’re excited to join our team and why you’re the right person. We value results more than we value qualifications - so showing examples of your work and how you think are a must. We’re busy building Ultrawave so there’s no need to write a book - just keep your application short, to the point and where possible let your work speak for itself. Supplying examples of great code you’ve written and software you’ve developed will get our attention.

In return we promise to get back to you quickly and acknowledge your application. We’ll be meeting our short-list of candidates in December and aim to make a decision before Christmas. The successful candidate will hit the ground running at the end of January after enjoying a break over Christmas and New Year.

We’re accepting applications up until 5:00pm on Friday 6 December.

About Nigel Stanford

Nigel Stanford is an Entrepreneur, Musician and Software Developer based in Wellington. Nigel is the former CEO of TradeMe.co.nz, is the co-owner of NZ’s largest ecommerce site MightyApe.co.nz, and was the co-founder of software companies StarNow.com, RubberMonkey.co.nz and FilmConvert.com.

Nigel’s first love is music. He is signed to Sony Records and has 50,000 monthly Spotify listeners and nearly 400,000 youTube subscribers. Ultrawave is Nigel’s latest contribution to the music industry and aims to build something special for musicians around the world who love to create original music.